How you can Help Animals this Christmas

and Last Minute Gifts

Christmas is a wonderful season, it is in this time of the year most people think of their actions and ask themselves: have i been naughty or nice?

I am positive my readers have all been nice :) Here lays a reminder for all of you who are nice and a "must do" for those who wish to be.

1)            Don’t be indifferent to people and animal sufferance. You can’t save the whole world but one simple gesture can mean the World to that person/animal. One simple word of encouragement to someone who's laying on the Street can make the whole difference.  If you find a dog/cat or any other animal in need of assistance, don’t be indifferent, stray animals are all citizen's responsibility. Trying to find his owner locally, taking him to the vet to check his chip address, taking him temporarily home until you find him a new owner, those are all things you can do. Keep him warm, feed him and care for him. All Animals must be respected, be civic and have compassion.

2)            Give time. Volunteer to make public collections to Animal Associations, help clean the Kennels and walk the dogs, share animals which are for adoption in your social networks and talk to your friends to do the same.

3)            Give away your old clothes, bed linen, blankets, furniture,etc to those in need. Talk to local Animal Associations, they certainly will welcome everything you have to give. They often are very much in need of those things. Besides giving away what you have, if you have the chance ask them what they need, buy them food or medication to their animals. They always have older dogs/cats who need certain cares like special food and medicines which they struggle to buy. 

4)            Don’t buy Animals. Instead adopt a stray dog/cat and treat him as a family member. Inform yourself before about how to care for them.

5)            “Honor Christmas in your heart and try to keep it all the year”

Last Minute Gifts

You can find beautiful/warm coats made in polyurethane in Amazon. They are cheap, gorgeous and make an amazing gift ( check delivery dates!)

For personal care/cosmetics I invite you to try LUSH, one of my favorite brands. They are absolutely amazing, the products smell divine, some of them are 100% natural, plus they are organic, humm I guarantee to you you won’t regret trying them or giving them away!
Check customer ratings to help you chose the best ones! And don’t forget to look for paraben which you know you must avoid. 

Adopt an endangered animal with WWF, for example, for only 3 pounds per month!
Or just google these words “adopt an endangered animal” in the web and find many Organizations of help. It is a lovely way to help plus it is also an honorable statement you are giving away PLUS you ll receive nice merchandise and up to date news about your adoption. 

Not happy with these suggestions? Just google "cruelty-free gifts this Christmas" and find many more ;)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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