Living in Harmony with the World

First i want to thank all comments sent to me. 
To all of You who enjoy reading my blog and keep on sending messages asking me to write more - THIS IS ALL FOR YOU on behalf of Animals :) 

For many of you who fight daily for animal cause what i say on my posts is more than obvious but for general people it is not.

My post today it is called "Living in harmony with the World". 
So, how do we live in harmony with the World?

In what regards the Animals of the World i have identified 5 ways of exploitation:

1 - For food
2 - For clothing
3 - For beauty and health purposes
4 - For sports
5 - For entertainment 

Nowadays animals are being exploited in these 5 ways. 

For Food

If you're a vegan ( no animal products) ignore point number 1. If you are vegetarian ( someone who eats some animal products, see meaning here) you're still hurting animals in some ways - dairy products like eggs, milk and cheese are the result of animal exploitation. Please click here to Go Vegan. In the meantime, buy at least all you can organic. 

For Clothing

Animals are being exploited for Clothing: Leather, Silk, Wool are all product of animal exploitation. Please find clothing without cruelty, it is easier than you think. I usually buy everything online, nowadays it is very practical. In big online stores like Zalando, La Redoute, etc you can find all you need searching by product type and return it without a problem. There are very beautiful, resistant products on the market, no one will never notice the difference and you'll be happy knowing you're not contributing to this demonic industry. One tip: for beautiful lingerie try searching for vegetable satin.. ;) 

For Beauty and Health Purposes

Animals are being exploited for beauty and health purposes. Go cruelty-free. There is a list of the cruel and cruelty-free products available on the market and where to buy them. It is available at BUAV. I guarantee to you they have the same effect or even better than those you're using. Believe me , i am a demanding consumer. Plus find the best beauty tips in my blog categories and a list of the cruelty-free products i greatly recommend on "Favorites". In relation to drugs try to use natural remedies whenever possible.

For Sports

Animals are being exploited for sports. Any sort of sport which involves animals (hunt, rodeos, dog racing, etc) are exploitation. Refuse to be actively or passively part of these activities. If you want more information on these topic just simply search for "animal cruelty in sports and entertainment"on google or any other search engine.

For Entertainment

Animals are being exploited for entertainment. 
Circus, Zoos , Aquariums, Pseudo-Sanctuaries, Animal Actors, Exotic Animals as pets, Horse-Drawn Carriages are all cruel forms of entertainment for animals. 
If you love Animals refuse to visit these places and don't lie to your children: animals aren't happy. 
Find all about these animal cruel activities here plus once again get more information buy searching on google or any other search engine for "animal cruelty entertainment". 
If still you think visiting any of these places in your area, search for the name of the place you are about to visit plus add the words "cruelty animals". The more likely is for you to be shocked with what you'll get but even if you don't please don't contribute for Animal's captivity. 
Visit Animals in their natural environment. Not possible? See documentaries on TV.

Be a better person for You, for the Animals, for the World and for your Children.

Thanks Everybody!

Have a nice, cruelty-free, happy life.


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