The World - Good vs. Evil

I am sorry i have been away for so long. I moved and that took some time. Although i have not had the time to write, every day i had time to share via facebook and twitter important petitions and news.

Sometimes people helping animal cause ask " when is this going to end?". Maybe never. The fact is we have to think of this as a no end story but in our hearts believe and fight for Good to triumph. 

The Evil will always exist and so will the Good. So the question might be " who is the strongest? ". Evil people have a stone in their heart, they have no empathy for others suffering and they always try to find a way to harm others. If Good people aren't strong and cold in this fight they can loose.. they can loose their head.. they can loose their strength and worst of all.. they can loose their faith. 

So, lets be strong. Lets do all we can every single day to be better persons, better humans. Lets not be indifferents, lets fight all the small and big fights glad to be the chosen to do it. Lets be kind to animals and good human beings and relentless with the bad people. Lets not be afraid. Lets not worry about what other people think. Lets know in our hearts we are doing the right thing. Lets feel good about ourselves. Lets let everybody know we are proud of being human being in its right definition. Lets teach others and spread our faith. 

I have written before that "Good actions start at home". So, if you see someone you know, some neighbour, friend, family member, strange mistreating any animal don't turn your back. It is your duty to fight for that animal life and wellbeing. Don't wait for nobody else to do it. Do the Good and Good Things will come to You.

Be good.

Have a nice, cruelty-free, happy life!