Christmas's Shopping

Christmas is here and with it lots of shopping.

I have already made mine, i like to anticipate and have time to search the best products, compare, etc. Most of mine shopping are online, nowadays it seems easier and comfortable. Every single present is cruelty-free and it is quite simple to have ethic when shopping because these days every product, clothing, etc have a perfect cruelty-free match and many times even cheaper. Also, if you cannot find what you're looking for near you you can import that item. It arrives in a few days and even with the VAT and "handle and care" it still compensates.

First, find your favourite cosmetics/personal products in BUAV list.

Then, buy them in stores like Big Green Smile or Animal Aid Shop, or simply search for the product you're looking for in search engines like google and add the word "buy" to your search. If you're in one store and you're not sure you should buy the product or not, search for the Leaping Bunny:

Be aware: is this Bunny and not other kind of bunny as several Non Certified Companies have Rabbits in their products and phrases like "we do not test on animals" to try to mistake the consumers.

If You're buying Clothing don't buy any with wool, leather or animal fur, silk or down. Nowadays you can find beautiful clothes which were made without any harm  to animals.

I have just bought this Coat from Mod Cloth and i love IT! It arrived from the USA in 5 days, i had only to pay the VAT and the carrier. It was a good price for such an outstanding, original, Cruelty-Free Coat!

And they have Lots of Cruelty-Free Clothing, Shoes and Accessories...

Find anything You want in this PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing.
The following companies are either vegan or else sell alternatives to leatherfur, or down.

Or if you're buying in another Store simply check what your clothe is made with before buying.

If You want read/see this Info about wool Industry:

If You want read/see this Info about leather Industry:

If You want read/see this Info about fur Industry:

If You want read/see this Info about silk Industry:


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