How Europe looked like - Pets aboard

Hello everyone!
I am back from vacations!

I was only able to write you today because  I re-allocate during my vacations and I had no internet access.

First, I hope You all had a tremendous vacations. Mine were very good but a little bit tiring sometimes.

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I went Camping to France with my pets and because we found wild camping to be very dangerous we went to camping parks. For two times we had to sleep in the car because there was no space left at the parks! Luckily we have a spacious van.. I can proudly say that my pets had a hell of a time at the beach, woods, nature in general.  We also had a very good time but we made some mistakes which made our vacations more tiring than they should have been. So, if you’re taking your pets to camp with You my advice are:

-          1- Go in a RV.
It would have been much more easier if we had gone in one. We could have left our pets there resting while we went dinner or just  gone to the toilet(!). Pets can’t be left in the car as they can suffocate during summer time and you cannot open the windows because somebody may stole or hurt them..  the tent is also out of question as they could break it or leave.
We had to go in turns and deprive us of some things because France as of many other Countries is not so evolved as it should be regarding animals;

-          2 - If You’re a vegetarian/vegan be prepared to starve in France! Supermarkets are full of meat and they have no vegetarian/vegan food! None! Just out of curiosity there is no fish at supermarkets far from the coast and the same goes for restaurants – they only serve meat! So, please search a few vegetarian markets/restaurants before you go…

-          3 - Avoid the crowds for your pets and for you. The nearest you are of the coast the more confusion you will find. Camping with your pets in a noisy and full camping park can be very distressful for both;

-          4 - Be safe. France is very dangerous at night. We had some troubles finding a safe place to stay when we slept in the car. We found out police stations close at six in several towns.. That’s very attractive to thieves!

-          5 - Don’t forget to give water  to your pets each 2 hours;

Next time, I will take my pets with me but if I cannot follow these statements we are all staying in a nice house near the beach. They can do their walks only in times of less heat and I can be rested regarding their safety and well being.

Don’t take me wrong, they loved it! Every time we pass through the car they asked us to go in it! It is just in order for them to be 100% well taken care as they must be we had to be very careful and attentive to their needs.

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While in France we could enjoy beautiful landscapes and we found a few people who also brought their pets with them. All Camping Parks accept dogs and if you’re lucky and attentive you can find beautiful places only to yourself.

When we passed through Spain TV at stations were showing bullfighting all the time.. very sad and revolting. People of all different ages watching.. even children!

When in Portugal we adopted another dog. He is more like a bear really, he is around 5 years old, he was all skin and bones and he was at the street. He is very very sweet, he acts sometimes like a cat as he pour over the window sill and sometimes like a wolf when he is willing to talk.

Now, here in UK we had a hard time finding a place to rent which allows 3 dogs. I can tell I was a little bit disappointed to learn how difficult this was in a Country I found to be developed. Also, to cross the border with them was a nightmare - they imply with everything! 5 days before the trip they have to be dewormed internally and externally and they were. But because the vet did not wrote the time of worming they sent us back. We had to go to a vet who charged us just to receive a fax from our vet in Portugal with the hour of deworming. And seems like this happen very often!

Contrary to what happens in France, Spain or Portugal, here you can find a lot of vegetarian/vegan food on supermarkets and online stores.

If in your Country you find it hard to buy vegetarian/vegan food take a look at online Uk stores – they deliver in Europe and overseas sometimes.

How is living free of cruelty in your Country? Where do you shop? Share with us ;)

Have a nice, cruelty-free life!