Just a thought

Did you ever felt your hands so heavy that you can barely write? or your heart so hurt that you can barely stand up for more?.. or your eyes so shocked that you can barely see?.. it happens to all of us, every day when we watch the news, when we see what goes around the World.

Haven't you ever thought to yourself: if God exists why does He allow this?.. Well, i have but i figured out that God is in all of us, in our hearts, in our fight for peace and justice, in our courage to stand up for others. It doesn't matter if it is little, the little You do matters. If we see something bad happening and we do nothing then we are like the one's who are inflicting pain.
We can shut out our mouth, close our eyes or our ears but things still be happening anyway. We can't wait for other to do something, we are the other, we are that person who we're waiting for, that is You and Me, all of Us.

Thanks with all my Heart to all activists who stand up for the ones who cannot defend themselves!

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