Cruelty-Free Shoes

As we all know being cruelty-free is not only being vegan but also buying products: personal, beauty, utilities, clothes, shoes, etc free of cruelty.

There is a list at PETA you can consult anytime you want that tells You which brands are respectful towards all living. Unfortunately the majority is only available in the USA. If You are from the USA You have a lot more brands available than Europeans do. That is why in my reviews You can find not only information about the quality of the products but how and where You can find them.

This new section aims to talk about brands or clothes/shoes/accessories free of cruelty.
There are brands which are completely free of cruelty and there are brands which offer a wide range of cruelty-free products.
This brand i am about to mention is not completely cruelty-free but has many cruelty-free shoes. 

At Even & Odd i have found a list of 12 cruel shoes and  one of 652 cruelty-free shoes!

I am waiting for the brand to tell me more about them, their environmental and animal protection policies and i have invited them to offer a piece to Charity Things once in a while. 
At Charity Things these pieces are sold at a very reasonable price and the money is collected to help the animal cause.

I bought these snow boots from them and besides being beautiful, i find them to be very resistant.Take a look at the description:

" Details for Even & Odd Lace Boots - Red
Be a real trendsetter with red lace boots of Even & Odd. The lace-up boots score high points by the finish of the plastic sole and inner sole of textile. The outer layer of these lace boots is made of high-quality imitation leather.

Sole: textile
Lining: Textile
Hakvorm: Flat
Details: decorative stitching, studs
Closure: lacing
Shoe Nose: Round
Sole: high-quality synthetics
Upper material: high-quality imitation leather " 

Even & Odd is available at Zalando (online store in Europe) in several Countries. 
I am expecting their contact and i will provide You more details where to find them.

Even & Odd why not to be 100% free of cruelty?

Have a nice, cruelty-free Life!

Update: Even & Odd replied they endeavor to ensure that all their products are as environmentally friendly as possible and that at this time they cannot donate any of their products to Charity


  1. I was looking online for a review of this brand and I'm so happy I found you!! I didn't want to believe this (relatively cheap) brand to be good quality but now I shall consider an online purchase :) x