My Beauty Secrets

Have the best skin ever, save your money and find out how the natural, cruelty-free products are the best for your skin.

Want to have the best face ever? 

Nowadays there are a lot of products in the market a lot of them made with animal suffering tests. Besides the lack of ethic many people believe that is something necessary so they can have a nice face. A cruel and wrong idea shared only by the ignorance of those who are manipulated by advertisement and by a system organized towards money and cruelty. There are people willing to buy 500 dolars creams to have their miracle and those who cannot afford it think they are below the expected beauty paradigms. These brands love people who believe this as they make a lot of money.

But consumers are now much more intelligent and experts in their own health and don’t let themselves be manipulated by the system. With the news that animal cruel cosmetics tests are now forbidden in Europe people still know that brands which induced criminal, painful, cruel tests for decades in animals are nothing but a fraud. So consumers still buy those brands which always have made cosmetics free of cruelty and are vegan. At least this is my statement.

I use a lot of cruelty-free brands some of them are vegan some are not but all of them score 5. Some of them are mentioned in the area “store” of this blog.
Besides having a good skin, I wasn’t managing to have the best of it. I am always looking for new, respectful, cruelty-free products to offer you but something was missing in my skin.

After searching I discovered one book called “Better in seven” written by a remarkable surgeon. I read how the tips were great, natural and very successful and bought it. With some skepticism I followed some tips which changed my skin. First, I discovered I was in the right track: I have a very healthy  feeding – I eat a lot of fruit and raw vegetables. I am also vegetarian - there are studies which support  that You look prettiest. I also drink a lot of water, almost 2 liters per day. So, in the inside I was doing all the right things.

Checking the outside tips the revealed to be the greatest. 
First, all of us must use sunscreen protection everyday even if you think you’re not going outside as sun is believed to be the responsible of 80% of the aging of our skin being the remain 20% genetics. I am using the Kiss my Face facial crème & sunscreen to normal/oily skin to my face and the Kiss my Face hot spots to around my eyes and lips. How and where to acquire it in Europe: I found this American store which ship to Europe in a fast and cheap way: The cream arrived in 3 days along with a store discount, merchandise offers and a lollipop. I stood very impressed.
But you can make a natural sun protectant , the doctor teachs how: 3 green tea bags, a mugful of water and  container of shea butter.

Stress is also very important to manage as it can be harmful to your skin and a good night sleep makes wonders.

I am know using His natural, home-made anti-aging cream every night. It really is the most powerfull anti-aging cream I have ever seen: ½ cup of coconut oil and one tablespoon of vitamin E oil.

Because I have an oily skin I manage to use all the time a cream to treat oily skin such as Yes to tomatoes daily balancing moisturizer. You can find it here at “store”. Creams tarry until ¾ weeks to make effect and you should stuck always with the same cream(s) as changing your usual facial products can harm your skin.

I also exfoliate my skin day in and day out and I hydrate it all the time (several times a day if needed) especially around the eyes. 
Around this area i use Yes to Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment cream.

And finally the miraculous tips to oily skin: spritz basil tone always in your face before washing it – 3 tablespoons of dried basil leaves and 1 cup of boiling water. Always dry your face not with a towel but with a tissue, clean your cellphone every day and change bed linen every week.

Since I have been doing this my face looks Heaven.

I hope you get the best of your's too.

Have a nice, cruelty-free skin!