Christmas's Spirit

Charity starts at Home

1) If you have pets, treat them like a family member. That’s what they are. 

2) Don’t leave them outside. Let them go to the fenced garden during the day but bring them inside, animals like us to keep them company and to be with us. 

3) Walk your dogs at least one hour a day – this can be divided in 3 walks of 20 minutes or 2 of 30 minutes. Dogs need to walk outside even if you have a garden. 

4) Don’t let them walking outside by themselves – many dogs/cats/others get lost when doing it or someone can harm them. 

5) Don’t let them by themselves in the garden when you’re not home – many pets are stolen. If you feel you don’t know much about dogs start watching Cesar Millan show, it is very educative.

6) Have nice and clean arrangements for them, a food that meet their necessities and take them to the vet when need ( routine appointments at least once in a year for vaccination).

7) If your pet is old provide him even more comfort and cares. Just like us they feel more fragile and scared when they’re old.

8) During vacation time take them with you ( find accommodations which gladly accept them), leave them with a reliable friend/family member or in a good hotel.

Don’t be indifferent. Indifference kills

1) When you see a stray dog/cat/other try to find out if he belongs to anyone and if he is ok. 

2) If he is ok and he do belong to anybody around, that’s fine. If he doesn’t try to learn more about him, why is he there, who feeds him, where he sleeps, take photos, advertise photos on your social network and send them to Animal Associations. 

3) Ask people around if they can also help by doing the same. Don’t quite on him until you find his or a new owner and make sure he is fine everyday (eats and sleeps well). 

4) If you can, take him home until you find someone who adopts him. 

5) If he is at risk or hurt take him immediately out of there to a veterinary/local Association. 

6) Ask local Associations for help, raise funds to help him on the internet, at home, school or work.

7) Don’t expect anyone else to do something or pretend you didn’t see. Community Animals are responsibility of all of Us and indifference do kill!


1) Get involved at home, school & work – raise funds to help stray dogs and local Associations.

2) Collect & Give food/ medicines/blankets/leashes/etc to local Associations

3) Volunteer at local Animal Associations and help clean the kennel, walk the dogs, feed them, love them…

4) Take photos and advertise one or all of them on your social page 

5) Adopt an Animal from a Local Shelter or rescue one from the Street

6) Get involved – ask your chamber to pay more attention to stray dogs, to provide them good conditions while they are in municipal shelters or to help Associations.

7) Buy gifts from Animal Associations to your family and friends

8) Offer an Animal Association membership  

9) Give Associations all the stuff you have you don’t use anymore so they can sell and raise funds or even use them.

10) Give any old blankets, old dog beds or leashes you have at home to your local Associations

11) Don’t buy your pet! Adopt one.


1) Write a letter to a leashed backyard dog owner and try to bring awareness to what his dog feels.. or unleash him yourself and take him with you..

2) Organize meetings and groups for Animal Defence

3) Advertise your ideas on the Street by talking to people/distributing flyers/etc  raising awareness to this problematic

4) Sign petitions for the Animal Cause (available on my twitter)

5) Be present at manifests which have the intent of helping Animals

6) And more, there’s always more you can do, use your imagination!.. search the web for Animal Organizations

Remember, we are their voices! They can’t speak for themselves but we can!

Be a Daily Hero and participate on my Christmas Event:

I am counting on You,
Have a Lovely, Nice, Beautiful, Cruelty-Free Christmas!

Christmas's Shopping

Christmas is here and with it lots of shopping.

I have already made mine, i like to anticipate and have time to search the best products, compare, etc. Most of mine shopping are online, nowadays it seems easier and comfortable. Every single present is cruelty-free and it is quite simple to have ethic when shopping because these days every product, clothing, etc have a perfect cruelty-free match and many times even cheaper. Also, if you cannot find what you're looking for near you you can import that item. It arrives in a few days and even with the VAT and "handle and care" it still compensates.

First, find your favourite cosmetics/personal products in BUAV list.

Then, buy them in stores like Big Green Smile or Animal Aid Shop, or simply search for the product you're looking for in search engines like google and add the word "buy" to your search. If you're in one store and you're not sure you should buy the product or not, search for the Leaping Bunny:

Be aware: is this Bunny and not other kind of bunny as several Non Certified Companies have Rabbits in their products and phrases like "we do not test on animals" to try to mistake the consumers.

If You're buying Clothing don't buy any with wool, leather or animal fur, silk or down. Nowadays you can find beautiful clothes which were made without any harm  to animals.

I have just bought this Coat from Mod Cloth and i love IT! It arrived from the USA in 5 days, i had only to pay the VAT and the carrier. It was a good price for such an outstanding, original, Cruelty-Free Coat!

And they have Lots of Cruelty-Free Clothing, Shoes and Accessories...

Find anything You want in this PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing.
The following companies are either vegan or else sell alternatives to leatherfur, or down.

Or if you're buying in another Store simply check what your clothe is made with before buying.

If You want read/see this Info about wool Industry:

If You want read/see this Info about leather Industry:

If You want read/see this Info about fur Industry:

If You want read/see this Info about silk Industry:


in memory of Dingo.

10 of November 2012

We don't say goodbye...

You are...

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My Best Friend

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With all my love Dingo.

Yours Truly,


How Europe looked like - Pets aboard

Hello everyone!
I am back from vacations!

I was only able to write you today because  I re-allocate during my vacations and I had no internet access.

First, I hope You all had a tremendous vacations. Mine were very good but a little bit tiring sometimes.

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I went Camping to France with my pets and because we found wild camping to be very dangerous we went to camping parks. For two times we had to sleep in the car because there was no space left at the parks! Luckily we have a spacious van.. I can proudly say that my pets had a hell of a time at the beach, woods, nature in general.  We also had a very good time but we made some mistakes which made our vacations more tiring than they should have been. So, if you’re taking your pets to camp with You my advice are:

-          1- Go in a RV.
It would have been much more easier if we had gone in one. We could have left our pets there resting while we went dinner or just  gone to the toilet(!). Pets can’t be left in the car as they can suffocate during summer time and you cannot open the windows because somebody may stole or hurt them..  the tent is also out of question as they could break it or leave.
We had to go in turns and deprive us of some things because France as of many other Countries is not so evolved as it should be regarding animals;

-          2 - If You’re a vegetarian/vegan be prepared to starve in France! Supermarkets are full of meat and they have no vegetarian/vegan food! None! Just out of curiosity there is no fish at supermarkets far from the coast and the same goes for restaurants – they only serve meat! So, please search a few vegetarian markets/restaurants before you go…

-          3 - Avoid the crowds for your pets and for you. The nearest you are of the coast the more confusion you will find. Camping with your pets in a noisy and full camping park can be very distressful for both;

-          4 - Be safe. France is very dangerous at night. We had some troubles finding a safe place to stay when we slept in the car. We found out police stations close at six in several towns.. That’s very attractive to thieves!

-          5 - Don’t forget to give water  to your pets each 2 hours;

Next time, I will take my pets with me but if I cannot follow these statements we are all staying in a nice house near the beach. They can do their walks only in times of less heat and I can be rested regarding their safety and well being.

Don’t take me wrong, they loved it! Every time we pass through the car they asked us to go in it! It is just in order for them to be 100% well taken care as they must be we had to be very careful and attentive to their needs.

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While in France we could enjoy beautiful landscapes and we found a few people who also brought their pets with them. All Camping Parks accept dogs and if you’re lucky and attentive you can find beautiful places only to yourself.

When we passed through Spain TV at stations were showing bullfighting all the time.. very sad and revolting. People of all different ages watching.. even children!

When in Portugal we adopted another dog. He is more like a bear really, he is around 5 years old, he was all skin and bones and he was at the street. He is very very sweet, he acts sometimes like a cat as he pour over the window sill and sometimes like a wolf when he is willing to talk.

Now, here in UK we had a hard time finding a place to rent which allows 3 dogs. I can tell I was a little bit disappointed to learn how difficult this was in a Country I found to be developed. Also, to cross the border with them was a nightmare - they imply with everything! 5 days before the trip they have to be dewormed internally and externally and they were. But because the vet did not wrote the time of worming they sent us back. We had to go to a vet who charged us just to receive a fax from our vet in Portugal with the hour of deworming. And seems like this happen very often!

Contrary to what happens in France, Spain or Portugal, here you can find a lot of vegetarian/vegan food on supermarkets and online stores.

If in your Country you find it hard to buy vegetarian/vegan food take a look at online Uk stores – they deliver in Europe and overseas sometimes.

How is living free of cruelty in your Country? Where do you shop? Share with us ;)

Have a nice, cruelty-free life!

Vacation with my Pets

As You know i am leaving for 1 month vacation with my pets and for the first time i am fully enthusiastic as i am not leaving them behind. I will do wild camping with Preta, 10 years old, Tudora - 3 years old and Puca (turtle) - 10 years old. Because they do have their own needs, here's a list of material i bought for them and that i find essential:

2x Dog Lifeguard jacket

Lake, river and Sea are very dangerous and treacherous. Keep your best friend safe

2x Protector Paws

These are very important: the surfaces get very hot by the sun and can burn your dog's paws
preventing them from walking

2x Comfortable Chest Collars

They're going to walk a lot, keep them comfortable

50 foot-long leash

Be very careful unleashing your dog in the wild, if some animal ever come to his attention he can run free and get lost

2x Light for Dog Collar

During the night...

I will take 2 kg of Yarrah dry vegetarian food, vegetarian dog food chunks and vegetarian snacks. They love it. 
I will take Preta's medicine and an hand-drink portable water dispenser. Water must be at hand all the time.
Preta is 10 years old and can get tired - we are also prepared to carry her in one of our's rucksack's.

As for our turtle we'll take a little portable pool so she can refresh safely whenever she wants.


besides the usual camping stuff, i will take several toiletries

Products List:

Avalon Organics, Vitamin C Renewal, Cream, 2 oz (57 g)

Badger Company, Organic, After Sun Balm, Blue Tansy & Lavender, 2 oz (56 g)

Badger Company, Everyday Body Moisturizer, Creamy Cocoa, 2 oz (56 g)

Badger Company, Antioxidant Body Oil, Damascus Rose, 4 fl oz (118 ml)

Aubrey Organics, Clarifying Therapy Cleanser, Oily / Acne Prone Skin, 3.4 fl oz (100 ml)

Badger Company, Sunscreen, SPF 34, Unscented, 2.9 fl oz (87 ml)

Jersey Kids, Sunscreen, SPF 30, Unscented, 2 fl oz ( 56 ml)

Jersey Sans tan, Sunscreen, SPF 35, Unscented, 1 fl oz (29 ml)

Kiss my Face, Sunscreen, SPF 15, Potent & pure, 1 fl oz (29 ml)

Kiss my Face, Sunscreen, SPF 30, Hot Spots, 0.5 fl oz (15g)

Nature's Baby Organics, Shampoo & Body Wash, Vanilla Tangerine, 16 fl oz (473 ml)

Nature's Baby Organics, Conditioner & Detangler, Vanilla Tangerine, 8 fl oz (236.5 ml)

Now Foods, Solutions, Jojoba Oil, 4 fl oz (118 ml)

Alba Botanica, Cocoa Butter Dry-Repair, Hair Wash, 12 fl oz (350 ml)

Alba Botanica, Natural Hawaiian Conditioner, Cocoa Butter, 12 oz (340 g)

Nature's Gate, Natural Toothpaste, Cool Mint Gel, Fluoride Free, 5 oz (141 g)

Nature's Gate, Natural Toothpaste, Creme de Mint, Fluoride-Free, 6 oz (170 g)

Aubrey Organics, Men's Stock, Natural Dry, Herbal Pine Deodorant, 4 fl oz (118 ml)

Aubrey Organics, E Plus High C, Natural Roll-On Deodorant, 3 fl oz (85 ml)

In September i will tell you everything about these products, how they worked for me and if i found them to be effective.

Till then have a great time!

Having fun with your pets these vacations? Send me your Story :)

Summer Essentials

Summer is here! 

I love the sun, the water and the hot temperatures and this year i will take my pets with me as i figured out that i spent the all time of the previous vacations thinking how they were. So, i am planning everything: places to stay, clothes to take and beauty products to pick..,etc

Because sun is supposed to be the main contribute for premature skin aging, this season as in the others I will take good care of my skin and chose the best cruelty-free sunscreen.

When you chose a sunscreen it might have more in it than you would wish for. Cruel cosmetics besides being harmful to You ( check here yours) are harmful to animals who are tested  and to the environment (they can harm the reefs for instance). So, for Your, Animals and Planets health please chose a really good, cruelty-free, natural, top rated sunscreen.

I have already chosen mine's! I have seen one of these sunscreens mentioned in PETA and I tested them on me.
I loved them. They really are the most natural, unscented sunscreens i have ever experienced.

I have been exposed for 2 hours at the sun in the most dangerous hours (not recommended) with the Jersey Kids spf 30 and my skin got a really natural, beautiful tone. The cream is thick, not difficult to spread, found it just a little difficult to use. For a full week vacations, 1 tube might be enough for 1 person but just in case you might want to take 2! Besides, if there are leftovers remember sunscreen must be used all year.

Regarding the Sans tan spf 35, you might think the price is a little high ( I did) but i recognize its superior quality and because a little goes a long way 1 tube might be enough for 2 persons for 2 weeks or more. My husband who has really oily skin and sun sensitiveness loved it because it was like nothing ever happened. We got out and spent the all afternoon at the sun and without hat his skin rested normal, healthy and beautiful, no oiliness or redness. The oil was immediately absorbed.

Sans Tan and Jersey Kids sunscreens received both a top score of 1 by the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep research team. The EWG test hundreds of sunscreens every year for broad spectrum protection, sunscreen stability and toxic ingredients.

They can also be found on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep list as recommended sunscreens and listed in the category of "Top Rated." Their top score of 1 reflects little to no risks with regard to toxic petrochemicals and other harmful ingredients. The higher the score, the more risks.

Find out what Jersey Shore Cosmetics has to say here.

As of now, Jersey Shore  products are available on their website:, globally. They are also available on and and they have also recently partnered with - you may find them there in the coming weeks.

For after sun i will test this year Badger After Sun Balm, Blue Tansy & Lavender, 2 oz (56 g) from Badger Company and a brand i also truly appreciate is Alba Botanica After Sun Lotion, Kona Coffee, 8.5 fl oz (250 ml). 

For my hair i will chose the new products launched by Biorganics Salon Secret Replenishing Shampoo and Salon Secret Replenishing Treatment which according to them are great to use after the beach/pool. I will also use Biomin Revitalize & Repair Spray along with Salon Secret Elixir Hair Perfecting Oil.

Another of my hair options is Alba Botanica, Natural Hawaiian Shampoo and Conditioner, Cocoa Butter, 12 oz (340 g) and Jojoba oil to split ends, hydration and glow.

Hope this info was helpful to You! in September i will tell about the tests results of all the last products i have mentioned and i will keep you posted of these adventurous vacations with my pets :) 

Have a nice, cruelty-free Summer!

Just a thought

Did you ever felt your hands so heavy that you can barely write? or your heart so hurt that you can barely stand up for more?.. or your eyes so shocked that you can barely see?.. it happens to all of us, every day when we watch the news, when we see what goes around the World.

Haven't you ever thought to yourself: if God exists why does He allow this?.. Well, i have but i figured out that God is in all of us, in our hearts, in our fight for peace and justice, in our courage to stand up for others. It doesn't matter if it is little, the little You do matters. If we see something bad happening and we do nothing then we are like the one's who are inflicting pain.
We can shut out our mouth, close our eyes or our ears but things still be happening anyway. We can't wait for other to do something, we are the other, we are that person who we're waiting for, that is You and Me, all of Us.

Thanks with all my Heart to all activists who stand up for the ones who cannot defend themselves!

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Cruelty-Free Shoes

As we all know being cruelty-free is not only being vegan but also buying products: personal, beauty, utilities, clothes, shoes, etc free of cruelty.

There is a list at PETA you can consult anytime you want that tells You which brands are respectful towards all living. Unfortunately the majority is only available in the USA. If You are from the USA You have a lot more brands available than Europeans do. That is why in my reviews You can find not only information about the quality of the products but how and where You can find them.

This new section aims to talk about brands or clothes/shoes/accessories free of cruelty.
There are brands which are completely free of cruelty and there are brands which offer a wide range of cruelty-free products.
This brand i am about to mention is not completely cruelty-free but has many cruelty-free shoes. 

At Even & Odd i have found a list of 12 cruel shoes and  one of 652 cruelty-free shoes!

I am waiting for the brand to tell me more about them, their environmental and animal protection policies and i have invited them to offer a piece to Charity Things once in a while. 
At Charity Things these pieces are sold at a very reasonable price and the money is collected to help the animal cause.

I bought these snow boots from them and besides being beautiful, i find them to be very resistant.Take a look at the description:

" Details for Even & Odd Lace Boots - Red
Be a real trendsetter with red lace boots of Even & Odd. The lace-up boots score high points by the finish of the plastic sole and inner sole of textile. The outer layer of these lace boots is made of high-quality imitation leather.

Sole: textile
Lining: Textile
Hakvorm: Flat
Details: decorative stitching, studs
Closure: lacing
Shoe Nose: Round
Sole: high-quality synthetics
Upper material: high-quality imitation leather " 

Even & Odd is available at Zalando (online store in Europe) in several Countries. 
I am expecting their contact and i will provide You more details where to find them.

Even & Odd why not to be 100% free of cruelty?

Have a nice, cruelty-free Life!

Update: Even & Odd replied they endeavor to ensure that all their products are as environmentally friendly as possible and that at this time they cannot donate any of their products to Charity

Consumer Point of View - 9 products rated

As i previously mention i discovered this store that has several cruelty-free brands/products and  sends to Europe at a fair price. 

There, I bought nine different cruelty-free products and here's what i think of them:

Eye's Cream
Yes to Blueberries

Eye Firming Treatment, 15 ml

p.v.p. 25€

**** 4 Stars

I really like this eye cream, it actually fulfills its purpose by firming the delicate skin around eyes and reducing fine lines. Because you just need a really small amount it lasts long and the price it's affordable. 
It is a 95% natural product, not vegan unfortunately but almost! Cruelty-free, it's free of petroleum & SLS and paraben-free. 


  • Effective
  • Fragrance free
  • Gentle
  • Good Value
  • Lightweight
  • Dispenses Perfect Amount
  • Ease Of Application
Not Vegan
    • Puffiness
    • Tired Eyes
    • Wrinkles


    Honeybee Gardens, 
    WaterColors, Water-Based Nail Enamel, Wildfire,14 ml
    p.v.p. 6€

    *** 3 Stars

    The color it's beautiful, i love it for being water-based and free of toxic components not to mention free of cruelty!
    Unfortunately, after approximately 3 hours you will need to retouch it.. After two days wearing it you can get bored about the times you have to retouch it. 

    Earth-Friendly formula

    Not durable
    Lasts 3 hours 
      During Pregnancy

      ToothpasteJason Natural,
      Sea Fresh, Anti-plaque & Strengthening Paste, Deep Sea Spearmint, 170 gp.v.p. 4€

      **** 4 Stars

      This toothpaste it's very fresh, you ll feel your mouth very clean but the taste it's a little strange for me, it's not bad just different. My husband love it, i would definitively buy it again. Also, it is cruelty-free and "natural". The relation quantity - price is also very good.

      Fluoride Free
      SLS Free
      No Sodium Lauryl/ Laureth Sulfates
      No Preservatives
      No Artificial Colours
      No Saccharin
      No Propylene Glycol

      Strange taste
        BEST USES

        Body Balm
        Badger Company, 

        Badger Balm, For Sensitive Dry Skin, Unscented, 56 g
        p.v.p. 5.50€

        ***** 5 Stars

        I like this balm, it really helps dry and sensitive skin gets hydrated, it really works, i recommend it! You can rub it on feet or on any other place of your body.



          BEST USES
          All body

          Deodorant Stick
          Jason Natural, 
          Deodorant Stick, Purifying Tea Tree, 71 g
          p.v.p. 4€

          **** 4 Stars

          I like this deodorant but my husband love it because it comes as a stick and it is effective all day. It smells great but i have to say that in extreme hot days it is not effective for me. Besides that i think it works perfectly.

          Don't glue
          NO: Aluminum, Parabens, Phthalates or Propylene Glycol

          Inefficiency on extreme situations

            BEST USES
            Men & Women

            Deodorant Spray
            Aubrey Organics, 
            Deodorant Spray, Calendula Blossom Natural, 118 ml
            p.v.p. 6€

            **** 4 Stars

            I like this deodorant very much because it is effective. I like how it smells and how after a working day the smell of the calendula gets on your skin.

            Contents Biodegradable

            Inefficiency on extreme situations
              BEST USES
              Men & Women

              Foot Balm
              Badger Company, 
              Foot Balm, Peppermint & Tea Tree, 56 g
              p.v.p. 7€

              ***** 5 Stars

              I love this balm, it's the best to rub at night on your feet! it helps dry feet gets hydrated, it smells good and you feel a freshness after using it. I love all the natural ingredients used in it, i truly  recommend it! 



                BEST USES
                Dry Feet

                Color Defense Shampoo

                Daily Color Defense Shampoo, Brazenly Brunette, 250 ml
                p.v.p. 5.5€

                *** 3 Stars

                This shampoo really boosts light and deep tones to your hair, it is very moisturizing so if you have normal-oily hair as i have it might not be the right option. It smells good and it is a little hard to spread in your hair because it is very consistent.

                Light and deep tones

                  BEST USES
                  Brown hair

                  Not accurate for oily scalp

                  Hair flat & limp

                  Shampoo Normal/Oily Hair
                  Golden Wheat Deep Cleanse Shampoo, 250 ml
                  p.v.p. 4.5€

                  *** 3 Stars

                  This shampoo really refreshes your scalp if you leave it for some minutes. It cleans well but not if you have dandruff, it is not efficient. It smells good but leaves your hair flat and limp.

                  Lauryl and laureth sulfate free

                  Not accurate for dandruff
                  Hair flat & limp
                    BEST USES
                    Normal/oily hair

                    You have new Cruelty-Free products you would like to see rated or did you rated some yourself? share with us!

                    Don't forget to follow me on facebook and twitter as i share different things on both of them!

                    Have a nice, cruelty-free life!