Christmas's wishlist

Christmas should be everyday in our hearts and in our life's. 
If we carry unconditional love, peace and charity in our actions then we can say that we celebrate it everyday. 
It is a time for we to reflect in what it really matters for us. For me, my beloved one's, charity and contributing to end the suffering of any animal or human being are the most important things

Therefore, this month i have made more donations to animal charity, i have sent more words of joy and encouragement to person's in need and ended any action that might cause suffering to animals or person's. 

We can do that, we can manage our actions so they can't harm other's: by not eating meat we are putting an end to all the animals that are murdered everyday on slaughterhouses, by not buying any cloth/accessory with fur or leather we are saying no to the animals that are kept alive in tiny cages and confined to a horrendous short life just for their skin, by boycotting all the brands that harm animals we are saying no to animals tests and their suffering, by just buying cruelty-free products from this approved list we are ending animals hell in Earth. 
It's just too simple to be true but it is. 

In fact, my wishlist for this year is that everyone start doing these simple things which can really change the World. I believe this is the Christmas's wishlist of the animals too. 
And my pets would add a big bone, lots of caring and walks with their human best friend and love, just the same unconditional love they have for us. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

from Joana, Dingo, Preta, Tudora and Puca


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