I have the most challenging dog in the all World!

15 of October of 2012

I already had two dogs and did not intend to have more but Tudora came to us like an angel, invaded our lives and showed us that we were wrong when thinking we were experts on dogs behavior.

I found her lying on a step of a gate without hope, waiting to be taken to another world where animals are angels in heaven ..

She was skin and bone and did not struggled when I caught and wrapped her in my coat.

She was very scared and bite my hands lightly. 
I took her home, gave her a bath and fed her.
I left her two days resting in the kitchen with the other dogs nosing curious the kitchen door.

When she gained confidence she gnawed two sofas and did not allow my other two dogs  to come near me. 

She was and is the most challenging dog I have ever had. 
She needs to do a lot of exercise daily in order to be calm and she need to have strong rules and limits. 
She is the sweetest, bravest and loyal dog  but without rules it could be chaotic.

Remember, dogs need to do exercise. 

There are low, medium and high energy dogs. 

Find the right dog for you and remember when you are going crazy that it is all your fault. 

If you want your dog to behave right, teach him, show him what you want. 

He may not understand your words but he does understand your acts and what you feel.

Always keep calm and assertive! 

:) ReGaRdS