What price are you willing to pay for beauty?

12€? 120€? 1200€? ... what if it costs a thousand lives? 

Part of Jacqueline Traide's performance art for Lush, aimed at drawing attention to the cruelty of animal testing. Photograph: Lush

That's right, in order for people to use their make-up and beauty products millions of animals suffer cruel tests on labs maintained behind bars just living to get applied several ingredients in their skin, eyes, tongue, etc which cause them a lot of pain and sometimes they even get the final mix of ingredients which is a lot worst, this being the most painful of the tests.
Can you live with that price in your conscious? Can you live knowing that animals which should be living their lives in their natural habitat are in fact living in a lab without never see the light of the day?

Maybe people think there's nothing that they can do but it is a lie. Some just prefer the easy way, to say "what a horrible thing to do" and go on with their life's. Well, I can't live a lie, I can't live knowing that cruel human beings are sub-judging other animals.

Organized groups like ALF free these animals from the cages in secret and not legal operations and ask people to do the same. In Italy, in a regular day activists and people in general invaded a lab where hundreds of beagles were cruel being used in tests.
But maybe some people don't have the time or the courage to do that. To these people i ask at least don't buy any beauty product in supermarkets or perfumeries, places where 90% of the products or 100% are tested on animals. On the contrarie buy them online at non cruel shops. This isn't difficult to do is it? Is there too much to ask? 

Ask me for non-cruel brands. I will gladly help you. Why? Just because I don't believe my life is more important than other's animals lives and I believe that we must speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves. 

The other big question is: are non-cruel beauty products made with natural ingredients effective? I can tell you in the first person that I have used both. In the past when I wasn't aware of tests conducted in animals I used cruel brands. I thought the transition would be difficult for my skin, that cruelty-free products would not make the desired effect.
I was wrong, natural products are so or as much effective as cruel one's.
I felt my skin more healthy than ever and there are products for all age groups and skin types. I can tell you there are successful products used by celebrities which make a lifting to your skin for just 180€ a bottle. 
Just to say that this thought is no longer an excuse for those who need one. Lack of time isn’t an excuse either because you can shop online. Price?  No way, you can find non-cruelty products for every purse!

So. let's do what's right and just buy cruelty-free!

I am counting on you. Share your stories with me about how you accomplished this mission :)



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