An activist at the Supermarket

It's crazy to shop at local stores, you just find cruel brands and companies, it is like being in the center of the animal torture universe!

Murdered animals everywhere, cheap and cruel cosmetics made with animal suffering and human beings exploitation, biologic yogurt's that belong to cruel  companies, garlic from China! i mean, as an activist, i feel nausea's from being there!

If you check each product you will see that some of the vegetables and fruits come already from Countries like China, Japan or Korea, the worst ever in animal and human being exploitation. Also, if you pay attention you will see these two top brand monsters everywhere: Unilever and Proctor & Gamble.

If you think a brand does not conduct tests on animals just because it said so you're wrong. You will have the biggest surprise ever when you check PETA's list. I gave you some examples: Nivea, Caudalie (in pharmacies) and L' Occitane stated their worries and ethics but they conduct tests. How do you explain L'Occitane making products with natural ingredients, with respect for nature, selling their products to China and saying they have nothing to do with the tests on animals they conduct there? Zero tolerance for all of them.

I say we buy nothing, zero from these brands. I say we just shop vegetables, fruit and vegetarian food at the supermarket. The other things if you don't have a cruelty-free market around my advice is to buy online.
It's easy and you will feel good by doing the right thing.

For things to change, Countries must have strong laws to protect animals, supermarkets must be ethic and provide non-cruelty brands but this only will happen if people stop buying, ask local stores to have other brands, stop eating meat and do an effort to became a vegetarian.

Do you have a cruelty-free supermarket where you live?
what do you do daily to stop cruelty on animals and change the world for better? Share it! your actions will certainly contribute to keep all of us activists inspired  


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